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First Time Filmed

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And by her brother……  WTF? Jager Nightly hadn’t planned on becoming a smut-star that night but her brother had a different idea as he knocked on the door of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister – half hour later, Jager was bare in front of her brother as he filmed her sucking on the old man’s throbbing meat in his sister’s first-ever head video clip.

Jager Nightly filmed by her brother

Jager Nightly Filmed By Her Brother

But her brother wanted to film his sister fucking, after all, that’s what one does when he drags his sister to Bring Me Your Sister – he vids his sister fucking. And that’s just what I yearn for to see… his skinny black sister bent over with her petite butt in the air, her huge natural boobs swaying under her as a pale older man slowly stuffs white meat into his sister’s petite black muffin.

Filming His Sister Taking Her First White Cock

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Joey Vargas First Thick Erection

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Joe Vargas is a very sexy petite Latina with beautiful curly brunette hair, a letter-perfect set of hooters, a tiny little butt and a sweet shaved muffin that was just itching to try a fat cock and I was more than happy to oblige her. I had known Joey for over a year when she came to me and asked if she could fuck on camera for my site Glass Mannequin to earn a few money. I was more then willing to give this Latina chick a chance to show what she had and scheduled the shoot. Now there I was, with the sexy Latin on her knees, sucking my cock for the first time.

Joe Vargas Ready To Suck Her First Fat Cock

Joe Vargas Ready To Suck Her First Fat Cock

Joey turned out to give great hummer – I mean in the top five blowjobs I’ve ever had – this Latina tart could suck a cock almost as good as your sister. Watch a free tour of this naughty Latina tart sucking and fucking on Glass Mannequin. Or enjoy this closeup of my cock splitting her sweet Latina muffin for the first time.

Joey Vargas Pushes Back On Her First Huge Cock joeyvargas xxxp sbj bfts hym amateur brunette latina oldny shaved panties cfnm gnd

Joey Vargas Pushes Back On Her First substantial Cock

And I told you she had letter-perfect hooters – grabbing her right boobie, I fucked Joey harder, matching my rhythm with her moans as I slammed my throbbing cock in her tiny shaved cunt as hard as I could – the little tart loved every second and promised to come back and do more clips for  Glass Mannequin.

Joey Vargas Enjoys Her First Thick Cock

Joey Vargas Enjoys Her First Thick Cock

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Short Chick Cumming

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Making hardcore amateur girl next door porn can be a lot of fun and the best times are always those unplanned moments where two people are just having flawless sex and that’s the case in these amateur girl next door vids of the very sexy short dark haired Violet Little getting hammered by her friend Richard Nailder. Violet is pretty flexible but she never dreamed of being folded in half, held there with her own thong, and then fucked so hard she had to beg for mercy but that’s exactly what the old bastard did to the tiny teen mom in these vids of this short young lady cumming. Unlike many real orgasm films, this young lady cumming was caught on two cameras and both cameras showed the tiny young lady climaxing multiple times before pushing the old man off her when it becomes too much.

Watching this short young lady folded in half and hammered so hard she cries out in a strange mix of ecstasy and pain as she climaxes is a real turn-on for me and I figured I’d show you both camera angles – mostly because I couldn’t decide myself which angle was the best to watch this little teen mom getting fucked so hard she cries out them pushes the old man away after cumming multiple times – sometimes even a erection-crazy teenager needs a break.  Download all of Violet Little’s video clips from Real Colorado Girls – real babes having real sex on camera.

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Violet Little

Your Cock Is So Giant

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Gracelynn Moans loves a over-sized pecker pecker and it’s never been more obvious than in these two clips from my friends at Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. In both cases, Gracelynn was itching for a good fucking and her partner, Richard Nailder was more than willing to fold the tattooed blonde in half and fuck the sexy blonde until she climaxed – then without warning or prompting, she screams out such profanity as “Oh your cock is so over-sized….. Holy shit!” or “Oh my God, you’re killing me. Your cock is so over-sized, holy shit.” And every guy knows that such words spoken in that one of voice are music to our ears. Enjoy.

Download the free clip                                  Download the full video

Download the free clip                                  Download the full video

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Maxi Booty – Hard-core Audition

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Maxi Booty has done a lot of smut but it all started in my bedroom in 2010. I met Maxi through a friend and soon we were talking about smut – she was very interested but a little afraid her father would find out but it didn’t take me long to talk this hard-bodied teenager into auditioning and the next day I was undressing her in front of a camera for the very first time. She was a little excited and very nervous – she had never let anyone film her and the excitement of being filmed while fucking made her 18-year-old beaver all wet. For those of you that don’t know Maxi – she’s a athletic teenager from Colorado Springs that started her smut Career with us where we first posted her on Bring Me Your Sister – a site where we let brothers film their own sisters fucking. But that was actually Maxi’s 2nd smut film. Initially she was too nervous to let her brother film her so I invited her to my place to “practice” in front of the camera before her brother actually filmed her fucking. After we shot her for Bring Me Your Sister, we later posted Maxi’s actual smut audition on Glass Mannequin for you all to enjoy.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Auditions

Some coeds are just naturals when it comes to sucking erection and the cute hard-bodied girl next door Maxi Booty is one of them – this babe knows how to suck erection and I had the pleasure of being the the lucky bastard that received her first on-camera blowjob. Her flaxen curly hair lightly caressed my belly as the 18-year-old soft lips sucked my 50-year-old erection in her first old-young smut. There are lots of sets of Maxi Booty giving head on Glass Mannequin including her very first time so join today and download them all.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Sucks erection On Camera For The First Time

But as superior as this 18-year-old can suck I wanted to feel her shaved beaver sliding slowly onto my now throbbing erection. Grabbing her fabulous young lady booty, I slowly lowered her onto my throbbing erection – OMG – she has a tight little young lady beaver.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Spreading Maxi’s Firm ass, I Lower Her Onto My erection For The First Time

It was real hard not to blow a whopping load of sperm deep in her itty bitty little cunt but I wanted to see her with her face and titties covered in sperm so at the last second, I pulled out and blew a over sized load of hot sperm all over her fabulous hooters and cute babe-next-door face. Maxi was now christened a smut-star – and her first facial was recorded for you to enjoy – download it now on

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Gets Her First Facial

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Little Sister Sucks And Fucks

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My little sister must love to suck and fuck because we’re back at Bring Me Your Sister and she’s on her knees again earning the dough back that she stole from me. That’s right, I’m filming my own little sister sucking a fat schlong to pay me back for the dough the forward little hussy stole from me. This is what it looks like from my camera as my sister looks at me as she gives a blow job.

My Sister Sucking Cock xxxp sisp oldny bfc sbj brunette asian shaved pufm nnts hym teen gnd

My Sister Looks At Me As She’s Sucking Cock

But I said that my sister sucks and fucks so I got close and snapped a few pictures of my sister’s dainty little cunt just before it gets stuffed with schlong. Damn she has a cute little shaved sister pussy – just beckoning to be filled to the brim – and I’m filming it all to share with my friends – download it here: My Sister Fucking Or if you like, I threw a few free video films over here “My Sister’s A Thief” – but to see my horny little sister sperm, you need to join Bring Me Your Sister.

Just Before Entering My Sister

Just Before Entering My Sister

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Maxi Booty First Smut

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Maxi Booty has become a regular on all three of our sites, Bring Me Your SisterGlass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls, but like every amateur porno model, Maxi had to have a “first shoot” – and lucky for us, it was a hardcore shoot with the old bastard that runs Glass Mannequin Productions, Mr. Richard Nailder himself. Maxi was trying to decide if she could let her brother video her for Bring and wanted to see what it was like being filmed – she also wanted to see if she could handle the old man’s fat meat before having her brother just inches from her pussy in what was to be billed as her first porno shoot so she let us video her the night before in a private shoot audition. Here are a few pics from her audition.

Maxi Booty First Porn Video

Maxi Booty First porno Video

Maxi is a cute blonde teen that started porno with us and went on to do dozens of movies with companies in Florida and California – but it all started with this amateur shoot of her and an older man. It was a beautiful summer day and Maxi’s beautiful curly blonde hair glistened in the sunlight as she sucked the old man’s fat meat for the first time. Download more movies of her than you can get anywhere else on internet by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First Cock On Camera

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First meat On Camera

The small teen form Colorado Springs must have enjoyed it because she soon had her legs spread as the old man mounted her and stuffed his fat meat deep into her shaved coed muff for the first time. She was now officially a Glass Mannequin coed – you know, he kind of coed that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch….   the kind of coed that lets you video her with your meat buried deep in her wet little cunt, then lets you spunk all over her unmarred titties and cute coed smile. See her porno audition – only on Glass Mannequin.

Maxi Booty Amateur Porn Audition

Maxi Booty amateur porno Audition

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Butterfly Haze

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18 year old Butterfly Haze had never been with an older an before and was real nervous about her first old-young sex clip for Glass Mannequin and asked that we do a set with no crew there so she could relax a little. I agreed and sent our camera-teenager flat, setting two cameras on tripods and keeping a camera handy for a few POV shots.  To help the hard-bodied tattooed and pierced teenager relax a bit more, I gave her a back massage.

Butterfly Haze - First Old-Young Porn

Butterfly Haze – Removes Her Shirt In Her First porn With An Older Man

I was soon massaging her firm little knockers, imagining what it would be like to slide my fat schlong deep into this cute teenager’s little little cunt. I then proceeded to pull the cute teenager’s blue jeans off, exposing her pink underpants and a neatly shaved pink teenager muffy and her little pierced clitoris.

Butterfly Haze - Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze – Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze has one of the prettiest pussies I’d ever seen and I was more then ready to see if it tasted as sweet and it looked. Sliding my thumb into her pink depths, I could feel her little muffy contracting on my thumb as I stroked her pierced clitoris with my fingers. She would soon be ready for her first old schlong. Download the full scene on Glass Mannequin today.

Butterfly Haze - Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

Butterfly Haze – Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

I had already shot Butterfly in a number of solo and teenager-teenager clips and picture sets but this was the first time I had ever tasted her sweet muffy and it was also the first time the cute brunette had ever seen the erect schlong of a man my age, let alone allow the old bastard play with her impeccable perky knockers, with their pierced nipples perched on top like little pink jelly-beans just waiting to be sucked. But I was here to fuck her little cunt so I handed her the camera, and guided my fat schlong slowly into the warmth of her shaved teenager muffy. She winced in pain – not only was this her first old-young video, Butterfly Haze had never even fucked a real man-sized schlong before and now she was wondering how in the world she was going to fit that fat schlong all the way in her little little cooch. Butterfly Haze was about to have her first large schlong.

Butterfly Haze - First Old Cock

Butterfly Haze – First Old Cock

But she managed, just barely, and not without a little pain to take every last inch of my now fully-engorged schlong. Somewhere in the scene, after fucking the little teenager for a short time, the petite brunette whispered that she couldn’t take much more…..  So I looked down at her impeccable body, focused on the sensation of her super-tight muffy milking my schlong, the feeling of my balls slapping on her firm round butt and got ready to cover the little skank in a large load of old-man spunk – then posted her old-young audition on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Haze - First Big Cock

Butterfly Haze – First large Cock

A few more strokes on her pink little cunt, my balls slapping on her firm teenager butt, I pulled out just in time to cover her impeccable tight tummy with spunk – the first few drops dripping slowly out of her cunt where I had deposited them, creampie style, and the rest smeared all over her shaved snatch and her sexy tummy. Butterfly haze had just been fucked by an older man with a fat schlong – for the very first time. And she would be coming back for more! See all her porno by joining Glass Mannequin today

Butterfly Haze - First Huge Cock

Butterfly Haze – First jumbo Cock

See Butterfly Haze covered in spunk – only on Glass Mannequin

Maddy’s Puffy Pink Coochie

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Everyone that knows me knows that I love pink snatches an one of my favorite snatches belongs to the sexy redhead teen, Maddy Marks. girls do porno for different reasons and Maddy is all about the cash – sure she had a lot of fun but her little twat was so small that it always hurt a bit when I fucked her – not so much that she couldn’t tolerate it – but enough that if she were fucking for fun, she would have chosen a guy with a smaller meat – yes there is hope for the average guy ;-) . That said, Maddy is a unspoiled coed and a lot of fun to fuck.You can see all of her video clips by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

But I promised to show you pictures of her puffy pink twat ;-) . This pic is actually from her first-ever porno vid and it was the first time I had ever seen her prime little cunt. Glass Mannequin coed Maddy Marks had been a nasty coed and deserved a good whoopin so I pulled off her blue jeans and proceeded to give her a proper whoopin – problem was, I kept getting distracted by her prime pink twat. It looked so sweet that I could hardly wait to taste it………..

My First Glimpse Of Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

My First Glimpse Of Maddy’s puffy Pink Pussy

And yes – Maddy’s pink puffy twat tastes as good as it looks…..  Maddy was soon sucking my erection in a lazy but comfortable 69 position with her prime pink twat directly in my face —- spreading her round butt cheeks, I tasted her wetness for the first time as the coed redhead lowered her pink twat onto my waiting tongue for the first time.

Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

Maddy’s puffy Pink Pussy

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Say Hi To Sabina Sweet

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Sabina Sweet is my newest addition at Bring Me Your Sister and this jumbo-breasted Romanian-born, Colorado-raised dark haired is one sexy dwarf teen. At only 19 years old, Sabina had no idea what her brother was planing for her when he showed up at my door with his little sister in tow. He wanted retaliation for his sister burning him and he wanted it now – so he pimped the little bitch out in her first porno film – and I’m the lucky bastard that got to pop this chick’s “porno” cherry.

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Sabina was real shy and just a little pissed at her brother but she decided that fucking me was a immaculate way to earn the money she owed her brother back and get her brother off her butt. But having her brother filming her wasn’t part of the deal – or was it? I mean the whole point of Bring Me Your Sister is to let brother’s film their sisters fucking and if Sabina wanted to leave here with a happy brother, she was going to have to fuck and suck to earn it. Even if her brother was right there with a camera filming his sister’s first porno film.

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

And I loved it. Besides being a sexy dark haired, one of the first things you notice about Sabina is her jumbo brown eyes. Oh come on perverts, quit looking at her absolutely amazing, 100% natural  d-cups for a minute and imagine her looking over at you with those jumbo brown “fuck-me” eyes as you caressed her amazing knockers for the first time ——- now you know why I love my job so much. :-)     Sabina Sweet – First porno film – exclusively at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet And Her Big Brown Eyes ;-)

Sabina Sweet And Her jumbo Brown Eyes ;-)

But it’s not all about titties – I wanted to see if the rumors I’ve heard about Romanian teens was true – I hear they all can suck softballs through a garden hose and have twats so hot and tight the can bend iron rods – and my rod was hard as iron and I needed it sucked. Her brother gets in close and films his sister as she puts my cock in her mouth working her itty bitty hands along my throbbing shaft as she sucked, gently at first, then harder and she picked up the pace. To be honest, I don’t think his sister had ever seen such a fat cock and she does give pretty good bj for a beginner.  Watch Sabina suck cock for the first time on film at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet Sucking Cock In Her First Porn Video

Sabina Sweet Sucking cock In Her First porno Video

Having such a beautiful olive-skinned athletic teen sucking my cock was top-notch but I wanted to sample the banned sweets, I wanted to feel the warmth of his sister’s teen beaver sliding slowly down fully engulfing my cock in it’s warmth. I wanted to fuck the harlot, I wanted to feel my balls slapping against her firm butt as she winced from the full length of my cock slamming deep in her itty bitty little cunt. I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure and chirp with excitement as she arched her back and rode my cock – her brother just a few feet away catching it all on film. – only at Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking His Sister As He Films

Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Yes – I enjoyed fucking the beautiful, fun and fun-loving Sabina Sweet.   Download the full film at Bring Me Your Sister.