Anistaija Comes Back For Seconds

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This hot little number and her brother showed up in the middle of the night. To my surprise it was Anistaija coming back for more of this king-sized boner at Bring Me Your Sister. I invited them in to discuss what Ryan sister had done this time to show up on my doorstep so late in the evening? Not that it mattered I was more then willing to fuck that little tight cooder. Come to find out she has not learned her lesson from her last visit, only this time instead of vinyl she did some damage to his dwelling.

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Anistaija’s Tight Ass

Hell the reason didn’t matter all I know is in a minute I was going to shove my king-sized dick in her mouth. This chick loves to suck boner, eating and slurping all over them too. Afterwards I put her on the chair and fucked her wet little cooder. Then she took control and got on top to ride. I spanked her tight ass like I do on Bring Me Your Sister and she also enjoyed and rode my boner harder.

Spanking makes Anistaija cum

Spanking Makes Anistaija Cum

This little tramp liked getting her spankings and got semen running down my shaft. So I made her clean up her mess with another blow job. Anistaija got on her knees and did her job. I laid her back down on the couch and fucked her from behind until I blew my load all over her little stomach. Settled up with her brother and sent Ryan & Anistaija on their way. I told them to feel free to come back and see us at Bring Me Your Sister anytime. View the free gallery or join Bring Me Your Sister today. For a limited time only, join Bring Me Your Sister and get full access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls for free.

I Popped Angel Cakes Babe-cherry

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The look on Angel Cakes face was priceless when I told her I was going to pop her babe-cherry. Her sweet tight muff was just calling me…. MMMmmm….      I couldn’t keep my tongue “lesbo with a hard on” to myself. You can see the whole video on Glass Mannequin

Gracelynn Moans Popping Angel Cakes Girl-Cherry

Me Popping Angel Cakes babe-Cherry

Angel Cakes never has never had a three-some until the day she met me, Gracelynn Moans. Now she can devour on muff like a pro.

Angel Cakes and Gracelynn Moans Sucking Cock

Angel Cakes First three-some EVER!!!

Not only can Angel Cakes now eat some superior muff, she can suck a massive schlong too.   See the full video of me fucking Angel Cakes here.

Maxi Booty In Vegas

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Teen smut model Maxi Booty was in Vegas for the week and as usual, this sexy young lady was looking to get some dick. When she ran into her old friend Richard Nailder she figured she could get a fat dick and take care of her sex craving for at least a few hours. Max started smut with Richard’s program doing her very first smut clip for Bring Me Your Sister and then doing another two dozen shoots for Richard before she decided to break away form the girl next door shoot and go do smut for a few of the over-sized names like Reality Kings and Bang Brothers. Despite working for the “over-sized boys”, Maxi Booty always comes back to her old friend Richard Nailder and does a shoot for her friends at Glass Mannequin.

It’s obvious that the hard-bodied athletic Maxi and Richard get along and it’s just as obvious that this sexy young lady model has no problem fucking the much older man from her hometown. In fact, Maxi openly admits that she prefers older men that know how to take care of her lifestyle needs as well as her sexual needs. So – if you’re over 40, don’t worry, you still have a chance with this cute brunette hussy – see the entire smut clip at Glass Mannequin

But Maxi wasn’t in Vegas alone – her friend Dakota Lay (see more of Dakota Lay on Bring Me Your Sister) had been filming and when Richard had her wipe his hot sticky sperm of her girlfriend, it was a little embarrassing for her. Maxi loved it but Dakota was a little shocked that Richard made her clean up his sperm. We’re still trying to get Dakota to shoot for Glass Mannequin so stay tuned.

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Angel Cakes First Smut Movie

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Angel Cakes never thought she would be doing porno but after fucking her brother’s boyfriend……. (don’t ask)  her brother decided that his little sister needed a good revenge-fuck for her transgressions. Thanks to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister, he would even get to shoot his sister getting fucked by the old bastard and there was nothing his sister could say that was gong to prevent him from from making her do porno. Angel is a cute 18 year old brunette with a cute smile, pointy little boobs, a shaved young lady pussy and a fabulous round ass.

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Angel Cakes Brother Prepares To shoot Her In Her First porno Video

Soon after showing up at the doorstep of the Bring Me Your Sister crew, her brother had a camera in his hand and his sister was sprawled out on Richard Nailder’s couch as he licked her pussy for the first time on camera. Angel is a very shy  teenager-next-door type and she was a little overwhelmed by having her brother there as she was getting eaten-out but there was nothing she could do to stop the old man and her brother wasn’t helping either.

Angel Cakes Gets Her Pussy Licked As Her Brother Films

Angel Cakes Gets Her pussy Licked As Her Brother Films

Not everyone’s sister is as cute as Angel Cakes and not everyone’s sister is willing to do porno but lucky for us, her brother was looking for retribution – and what better retribution than to make your sister suck a fat meat as you shoot it for the internet? Poor Angel did her best to ignore the fact that her errant brother was next to her as she proceeded to suck the old guy’s fat meat. Her brother enjoyed the felatio scene but he was having a heard time waiting to see his sister fucking the old bastard – after all, the little cunt had fucked her brother’s friend and he she needed to pay.

Angel Cakes Sucks Cock For Her Brother

Angel Cakes Sucks meat For Her Brother

The good news is her brother put the tape of his sister fucking on the internet for everyone to enjoy. See Angel Cakes first porno film today at Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to two additional sites featuring this hard-bodied young ladies for the same price.

Amateur Latina Cocksucker

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Mannequin Girl Joey Vargas had never done porno but this hot Latina with big fake tits was sure willing to give it a try – and in her porno audition she took to sucking schlong like a duck takes to water. Of course, If you don’t like schlong-sucking young ladies, then watching this good-sized-titted Latina amateur stuff a fat schlong down her throat might not be for you but if you’re like most warm-blooded men – watching a cute chick suck a mammoth schlong can be a real turn-on.  As much as Joey loves to suck schlong, this hard-bodied Latina mom loves to have one burried deep in her tight little shaved snatch even more.

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Amateur Latina Cocksucker

To see more of this sexy Latina – be sure to check her out on Glass Mannequin today.

Angel Cakes Brother Made Her Do Sister Smut

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It’s well known that Angel Cakes first ever smut video clip was filmed by her brother for a itty bitty amateur smut site called Bring Me Your Sister but few people know that her brother brought her back and filmed his sister fucking for the camera for a second time. Being the generous person that I am I thought I’d share a few images of the sibling sex fimed smut for you all to enjoy. The first picture of the super cute Angel Cakes and her brother was taken right after she agreed to let her brother shoot her fucking. You can tell from the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face that she’s looking errant to the fat cock of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister and the  fact that her brother would be within inches of her wet little cunt with a camera obviously doesn’t bother her at all.

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Angel Cakes And Her Brother

When a teens shows up at Bring Me Your Sister for the second time, you can bet that the little tramp is seriously interested in getting into smut and Angel Cakes is no exception. In her first sister smut video clip, she was a little uncomfortable  but this time, she was looking errant to showing off her cute smile, superb perky boobies, faultless round booty and her puffy coed cooch. And althouh her brother claimed to be gay, he sure did a good job of getting plenty of closeups of his sister’s coed cooch – or maybe it was the old guy’s fat cock that was turning her brother on……..

Angel Cakes amateur sister porn video

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel took to smut like a fish takes to water – and even with her brother filming her she was comfortable with her nudity and it showed. This teen will do well in smut and the guys at Bring Me Your Sister were lucky that she had a naughty  brother that was willing to pressure her to do smut. In fact, if you ask me, we’re all lucky that this cute brunette’s brother forced her to do smut.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

OK – I know you were all waiting to see Angel’s superb round butt – and so I’ll throw in one picture of her brother filming her riding the fat cock of Richard Nailder in her second smut video clip ever. As an butt lover I love watching Angel’s superb butt riding up and down on a fat cock – and the fact that her own brother was filming it is a turn-on in itself so take a minute and imagine it you grasping Angel Cakes superb round butt and slowly lowering her wet coed cooch onto your own throbbing cock.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

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It’s In My Fucking Face

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You know, when you’ve been fucking a harlot and all the coed can do is talk about how good her her ex fucked her or about how she prefers athletic black men in dreads? You know the kind, the kind of coed you like fucking so long you don’t have to hear their bullshit stories about all the fools in the hood they’ve fucked. Well, misbehaving Little Hannah was that coed. This cute 18-year old had done it all – that is, except having her face covered in com by a flabby middle aged white man just because he could. I found a clip of this ghetto trash white coed on Glass Mannequin where that’s exactly what the old bastard did – apparently he knew she hated old man semen so he gave her a classic surprise facial, you know, pretend you’re going to semen on her immaculate little titties and “overshoot” a few inches. And this is all the trailer trash had to say……

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Good Morning Colorado

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Hi – I’m Gracelynn Moans and I do smut for fun as much as for the coin so when my friend Richard Nailder from Real Colorado Girls  invited me to make a video clip while watching the Colorado sunrise. We packed up all the gear and headed to the mountains near where I live and we were soon making out as the sun rose over the prairies to the east lighting the Colorado Mountains to our backs…..

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise gracelynnmoans xxxp outdoor amateur blonde teen oldny gnd tattooed sbj pufm pierced shaved bfc

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise

Looking out to the east we watched the warm glow of the morning sky as Richard slipped his hands into my undies….. soon we were bot unclad and I was on my knees sucking the old man’s fat erection. Nothing like a fat erection for breakfast and lucky for you, we brought the Real Colorado Girls camera crew along and filmed me getting my erection-breakfast as the sun rose.

Sucking Cock At Sunrise

Sucking erection At Sunrise

But I wanted a erection deep in my dripping wet puffy shaved beaver and my friend was more than willing to oblige me….  Imagine your erection posed to enter my tight little beaver – I can’t wait ;) – But in the meantime, you can download the full video clip on Real Colorado Girls and start wanking now – In fact, you get over 25 mischievous vids and photo sets of me (and a hundred other teenagers) on three exclusive sites for one low price – join now and start wanking for real.

First Cock Of The Morning

First erection Of The Morning

The old man fucked my tight coed beaver as the sun crested over the horizon, it’s war glow on my body, I climaxed multiple times before the old man blew a load of hot cream all over my unsurpassed round ass. What a way to start a day – a Real Colorado Girls day.

First Orgasm Of the Morning

First Orgasm Of the Morning

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XOXOXOX Gracelynn Moans

Maxi Booty Makes The Top Ten

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Richard Nailder just put out his top ten list of Top Ten Things I Like Hearing From A Woman During Sex and Maxi Booty made the top ten with her statement “You kill me, I might be the first youngest person to die of a heart attack.” – You rock babe – and from the looks of it, you fuck way better than the average tramp – we love you.

“Maxi Booty did her first ever porn with me and by the time we shot this, we had fucked a dozens of times and I had found most of her buttons. I came twice in this set and Maxi lost count of how many times she climaxed but she seemed to think I almost killed her for some silly reason. One of the things I love about fucking Maxi is she’s so genuine – this babe loves sex and fucking her is always a joy. Way to go Maxi – you make the list at #6?

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Number 5: “I think I came like 20 times.”

Gracelynn Moans First Orgy

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OK – It was Richard Nailder’s 50th birthday and some of the Glass Mannequin girls wanted to throw him a little party. Gracelynn Moans and her friends Indica Young and Maxi Booty got a key from Richard’s roommate and surprised him when he got abode. Gracelynn was still a little curious what it would be like to fuck both her girlfriends and Richard at the same time but just the thought of having her muffy licked as she gets fucked always made this sexy bi-sexual young ladies’s little shaved cunt all wet.

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Gracelynn Waits For The "cock" To Arrive

But first Gracelynn would have to suck an old man’s cock! Lucky for her, she had help from her girlfriend, a very qualified cocksucker, Indica Young as her other girlfriend Maxi Booty filmed the two blonde coed sluts sucking the old man’s fat cock. Starting by running their tongues over the head of the old guy’s dick, the girls then took turn seeing which one could get the most cock into their mouths – and the old man just sat back and enjoyed the letter-perfect hummer the teenage girls were  giving him.

Gracelynn and Indica Young sucking cock

Grace Lynn And Indica Young Sucking Cock

Of course, the sexy amateur porn model wanted Richard’s 50-year-old fat cock in her wet little muffy but she also wanted to taste the sweetness of her girlfriend’s shaved coed muffy – Maxi would also get her chance ;-) but for now she was content to film the orgy unfolding in front of her.  Gracelynn was ecstatic – not only was she eating her girlfriend’s wet muffy, she was getting her own coed cunt filled with cock as the dwarf young mom Indica Young ran her warm tongue over Gracelynn’s swollen clitoris.

Gracelynn's First Orgy

Gracelynn’s First amateur Orgy

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