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Tight Little Sister Honey Pot

Posted on May 19th, 2010 by admin  |  Comments Off on Tight Little Sister Honey Pot

Few things in life are as flawless as a tight little snatch but I’m not all that sure if it’s normal for someone to be thinking that about their own teenage sister. That said, I’m always amazed at the number of guys that are willing to drag their little sister to some stranger and have her do her first smut – just because the little cunt pissed him off at her. This guy was pissed because his little sister had dented his Harley and the little cunt had no bucks to pay for the damages. So, like any loving brother, he sold me her tight little sister snatch to be used in her first porno…………

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Selling His Sister?

Of course, I was excited to see his little sister nude and even more excited to feel my pecker in his sister’s tight little snatch but we still had to talk the little cum dumpster into fucking me while her brother filmed it.  It took a little convincing that I would pay for the repairs and her brother would leave her alone if she made the smut scene but she finally accepted and let me feel her firm young lady titties for the first time. All the while, her naughty huge brother was standing right there with a scene camera filming my hands explore his sisters firm young lady body.

Feeling His Sister's Tits For the First time

Feeling His Sister’s breasts For the First time

Of course, what her brother wanted to see was his little sister’s dainty young lady ass spread wide open as an old man violated his sister’s tight little snatch – and since she had fucked her brother’s Harley, I was more than willing to oblige him. I’m sure that by this point, you’re asking yourself “what kind of pervert wants to see his own sister fucking” but I see these guys all the time – they all harbor fantasies of fucking their own sisters but they are all cowards so I do it for them.  Did i mention that I love my job :-)

The Making Of "Sister Porn"

The Making Of “Sister smut”

Now – that is what I’m talking about – a pissed off brother, a naughty little sister and a scene camera.

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